Planting Trees

May 28, 2021 Cristina Redko/Douglas Tallamy Episode 5
Planting Trees
Show Notes
Continued conversations with entomologist Douglas Tallamy focused on his latest book, “The Nature of Oaks.”  He urges each one of us to contribute to supporting life on Earth by planting keystone native trees. You will also tune into forests from around the world from “Sounds of the Forest.”

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Key Sources:

Homegrown National Park :

Douglas W. Tallamy. The Nature of Oaks. Portland,Oregon: Timber Press, 2021

Timber Festival 2021 will occur July 2-4, at the National Forest, UK, with music, audio,  and artwork created from Sounds of the Forest. 


Sounds of forests played in this episode:

1. India, Agumbe Rainforest, recorded by Shruti

2. Argentina, Patagonia, Forest near Rio Azul, recorded by Luciano “Cacha” Perez

3. UK, Bristol, Pilgrove Wood, Ashton Court Estate, recorded by Rachel Tomlinson

4. Russia, Moscow, Bitza Nature Park, recorded by Julie Kalichineva  

5. Hong-Kong, Lau Shui Hang Reservoir, recorded by AK IN KK

6. Thailand, Ban Krut Beach, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan, Province of Prachuap Khiri     Khan, recorded by Phil Peril

7. South Africa, Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, Kloof, recorded by Stephen Embleton

8. Australia, Utopia Environment Reserve, recorded by Kelli Lundberg

9. Japan, Fukushima City Forest for Birds, recorded by Koji Nagahata

10. Nicaragua, Penas Blanca National Park, recorded by Merlin Driver

Theme music created by Tim Moor. Source: 

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