Sense of Wonder (Re-cast)

May 06, 2022 Cristina Redko Episode 32
Sense of Wonder (Re-cast)
Show Notes

Conversations with naturalists Bill Felker and Douglas Horvath, both from Southwest Ohio, focused on paying attention to surrounding environment and nature’s  sense of wonder. This show explores the wonders of being Alive!

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Key Sources:

Bill Felker’s Poor Will’s Almanack. See

Rachel Carson The Sense of Wonder: Celebration  of Nature for Parents and Children Harper Perennial, 2017 reprint edition.

E.O. Wilson Biophilia. Harvard University Press, 1984

Vivaldi 4 Seasons performed by the Wichita State University Chamber Players, an ensemble of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Spring Peeper Calling.  Pseudacris crucifer.
@2014 Stan Lake

Glasschimes  for CC by 3.0, ross63moose

Theme music created by Tim Moor. Source: 

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